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Hey Hey my lovely lot!

Can you believe it's already almost June?!? This year is absolutely flying by!

So, I've been loving sharing the generally helpful stuff and will continue to be doing this, but it's been a while since any general updates, so thought I'd quickly jump on.

Getting back to "normal"

I'll be honest. I don't think things will be going back to normal for a while, and there's many things I'm sure a few of us don't want to go back to normal. I know some of you have been re-evaluating what you would like to do or new paths you want to take, which is FANTASTIC! I've been loving hearing from so many of you! But, in terms of classes, I am not anticipating a return until at least July. But, I'm yet to hear if venues will even be allowed to open then. So that is just from an 'exercise guidance' standpoint.

When we do return, social distancing rules will be followed. We're lucky to have such good spaces where this is possible. I will be continuing to perform extra cleaning of all equipment and props. For Burlex, if you would like to invest in your own props, that is entirely up to you (unless the guidance tells us otherwise). Thinking about this July date does come with some other thoughts though. Usually, July signals the wind down for the summer holidays and so class numbers start dipping throughout the month. Now last year I continued working all summer as people were saying they were coming, to get there and find lots of late cancellations. So I had already decided following that, that this year would be a very reduced timetable through the summer. Now I know a lot of you are so looking forward to classes and getting out of the house again, so I am going to look at what this summer timetable will look like and let you all know as soon as I can give guaranteed information.

Send me your snaps!

No, really! I've been so pleased that so many of you have been embracing online classes and just want to again THANK YOU for helping keep me sane! But, I'd love to see some sweaty snaps, or even short clips or new moves and sequences you're mastering (only if you're ok with them being shared on Social Media). I'd love to show you all off and maybe help motivate a few more. You can either message me on Facebook or email me back :)

Music Licence

For anyone who hasn't yet seen, we had fantastic news this week that it's looking likely we'll be getting our very own FitPro online music licence (hopefully) fairly soon! Wohoooo!!! Which means the online classes will be EVEN BETTER! Burlex will be back properly to the amazing songs we know and love. DanceFit will be to the songs I originally intended which is already fuelling so much more creativity for new routines. Amazon Cardio, well, now that I have found much better Licence free, I may use a mix, but it's going to continue being awesome!

This has also helped me to make much more of a start on the DIY programmes. 😁😁

Sharing is Caring

I know I occasionally ask this, but I'd really appreciate any reviews you wouldn't mind leaving in any or all of the following:

Facebook Page


Website - on the right of the screen or below the image you'll see an option to leave a review


I'm really not having the best week😂 ! I had planned to get at least 2 more uploads done by today, but as I told you guys in the group, I also decided to start using a new editor.... So that's taking a little while to get used to. I had also planned to get some brand new stuff filmed so I can start getting more out to you... so as well as my week being put off by starting it off with that damn headache, now I've done my back 😂 Clever me is training to do chin-ups (or trying lol), and I over did it this morning. So, I will be resting this weekend minus a quick tutor session tomorrow, and I will let you all know if it doesn't clear up! Hopefully you guys won't be waiting too much longer!

That's about it at the moment!

I hope you're all having a fab week and loving the weather! I hope you're all loving classes too😉

Take care, and I'll talk to you all again soon!

Heather xx

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