Spring Specials & Locking Up

Ok, so I know we aren't in spring yet, but I'm getting excited at the prospect of seeing more than one day of sun a fortnight ;) Which is why I've decided to get a bit generous throughout March with some Spring Specials.

Haven't been to class yet?

Come and try as many classes as you like out of the 4 in one week for just £5. No strings attached, just book and see what works for you.

Already a Boogie Bouncer?

Come and try a Burlex Fitness class on Mondays in Bridport or Wednesdays in Dorchester for FREE!

Needing something more?

Small Group Training (3-5 people) - Just £50 for 5 sessions or £100 for 10. That's just £10 per session, a personalised plan for each of you and support every session.

2:1 Personal Training - Just £75 for 5 sessions or £150 for 10, working out to only £15 each!

Locked Door Policy

As you may have seen on Facebook, we had an incident this week thanks to kids messing around, and as such (especially while it is still dark out) for any late classes I will have to have a locked door policy. It's not ideal when I'm setting up the trampolines but I will check as often as possible to let everyone in.

New Classes/ Ideas - What Would You Like To Do?

I've put a post out in the Facebook group earlier today regarding some new ideas I've had for class formats and would really appreciate any and all feedback. Below this list I've also included the survey from last month so I can really try and have the things you want on at the times you want them.

Step/ Aerobics type class (spandex not required)

Dance Fitness Mash Up (Jazz, Latin, Street, etc)

Bodyweight - perhaps moving on to added weights similar to a BodyPump format?

Feedback re times and days is also super helpful. Pop me a message, email or comment below :)

The survey can be found HERE

Closing Time for Bookings

Class booking availability will now close 2 hours before each class so that I can have a better gauge of numbers. Unfortunately with almost all classes requiring equipment and props, it can cause hold ups where I haven't seen very late additions. If you're desperate to come and bookings have closed, please pop me a message and I'll try to accommodate where I can, but please do try to book in advance.

Member of The Month is Coming

I know I don't actually run a membership so to speak, but you are all class members and so I feel like I want to celebrate some of these amazing achievements you're telling me about. I also want you to celebrate them too!!! This will be starting in March and the M.O.M will get a card/ certificate (I'm undecided), a little goodie and a week of free classes! Exciting times! The only condition is you must agree to have your picture taken ;)

That's about all the updates I've got for you at the moment. I look forward to getting some feedback from you all and making things even better!

If you want more instant access to information, don't forget to come join us over on the Facebook group

Catch up soon ladies!!! x

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