Member Of The Month & So Much More!

OK, I'm going to get to the most important bit first and announce this months' Member of the Month!

Congratulations Una!!!!

Una had only been coming to classes for 3 weeks before lockdown, and yet has completely embraced my online classes! She has helped me develop over the last few weeks as much as I have helped her by offering feedback, making suggestions and so many other things that mean I can try to serve what you guys want! And....she replaced my mug😊 So well done Una, you're smashing it!

As with Rhian last month, when classes are back I will arrange your free weeks with you and give your certificates.

Facebook Live

Thank you to everyone who jumped on the live this week, my internet hasn't been very kind lately so apologies for it dipping out. On that note though...

The press up challenge is going so well! What other challenges would you like to see? I'd love your ideas.

Thank you to everyone who is doing classes online and helping support my little business by following and sharing or being part of the group. I appreciate every single one of you, so thank you!

I won't be available very much tomorrow or Saturday as I have 2 course days, but please know that I will respond to everything as soon as I can. I'll be putting an Ab workout out tomorrow morning to help keep you occupied.

Amazoness Library

So, as I've mentioned previously, I will be keeping classes online even once we are back to business and my goal now is to build out a nice, full and varied library. That being said, it means I won't be re-recording classes every week. My focus now is on recording when there are new routines or progressions and ADDING to the class options already there. So for anyone who keeps their online classes going, you can do more of what you love!

We are hopeful that music licencing may start to become an easier job as we have already had a small improvement this week (sadly it only applies to FB and YT LIVE though). I'm staying positive about this as it has helped highlight a general issue across the world for instructors.


In case you missed it, there are nown a couple of items available in the merch store. More will be added throughout the year but I'm so excited!!!! Check them out HERE

Direct Debit Options

When classes are back I have prepared a direct debit option to help make things even easier for you! You will still need to book your places for equipment purposes but you will be safe in the knowledge that you are paid up monthly. Pay as you go and weekly option will remain as they have been, but you will be able to set up the following monthly DD options:

Bronze - Up to 5 classes, £24 per month (£4.80 per class)

Silver - Up to 10 classes, £40 per month (£4 per class)

Gold - Unlimited classes, £55 per month (just £2.75 per class)

I am looking at an option to mix classes with online subscriptions too, but at the moment the two features are separate.

Fitness Programmes

I'm putting quite a bit of time into building the new programmes, which I know have been a long time coming. I just didn't know exactly what I wanted them to be. But, now I've got a solid plan and they're going to be awesome!!!

The two programmes will be Hippolyta's HIIT and Bangin' Bodies. Both will be available as basic DIY options giving you all your workouts and some general guidance, or a bigger, better coached option. This will include the workouts, what to do in between, nutritional guidance, private FB support groups with a weekly group coaching session, trackers, and even macro & calorie calculation.

So, what's the cost?

The 1.0 versions will be £49.00 payable upfront.

The 2.0 versions will be £250 and can be paid upfront or split into 3 payments of £70 to cover a £10 admin fee.

Hippolyta's HIIT is exactly what it says on the tin. It'll be 30 minute high intensity interval training using strength and cardio to completely transform you and massively improve your fitness.

Bangin' Bodies will be weight and resistance to music.... you all know i love moving to the music. This will help tone, sculpt and strengthen your body and mind.

Both will be available really soon.

I hope you are all well, I'm here if you want to chat or get some advice and I'll chat to you all again soon.

See you at class 😊

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