I'm afew days later than I'd planned with all these changes recently, but it gives me immense pleasure to announce my very first Member of the Month!

Rhian Dickenson

This one really was a no-brainer for my first one. Rhian has been coming to classes for almost 18 months, and in that time has missed literally only 1 or 2. She is such a valued member of this community, welcomes new people all the time and is ALWAYS smiling. Her infectious enthusiasm helps drive me on too! In the time I have known Rhian, she has become a great friend, a welcome addition to the community, one of my biggest fans and, as a happy bonus, has seen some fantastic weight loss results. Classes would not be the same without you....please don't ever leave!

As a result of all her hard work and confidence building, Rhian will also be looking to become an instructor herself which is even more fantastic (obviously when things start returning to normal now)! So expect a LOT more smiling and even more energy. Thank you Rhian!

And a few more thank you's

Thank you to everyone who has given online classes a go this week. Thank you for baring with the tech issues of having to set it all up so last minute. And thank you for helping me stay sane!

In case you missed our Wednesday coffee chat

I'd love to see more of you next week so please feel free to jump on, rant, chat, tell us something funny that's happened since lockdown! Let's keep this community strong and help support each other! As soon as I finish this post, I will be sitting down at my table to have a go at my first fabric boa. All being well, I will soon be taking custom orders for them for both my Burlex ladies and anyone else who would like them. I don't yet have a price or time on this as I will see how this one goes. But... exciting nonetheless!

One more thing before I go

I am slowly adding a few little pieces of merchandise to the store which will be branded, At the moment it is totally 3rd party, but again, another exciting addition. I fully intend to have myself some nice new branded apparel for when we return. Here's just a couple of items I've added so far

I hope you are all staying safe and well. I miss you all and miss classes and I can't wait to have a jam with you all again!

Take care and please reach out if you'd like! x

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