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I've never made it a secret that I loooovvveee crisps 😋 they are my Kryptonite.

But over the last few months, I have come across a tonne of options which are so much better for when I have that craving.

Don't get me wrong, I dont pick the healthier option to have MORE of it, and I've worked really hard on not bingeing like I have done in the past. Let's face it, most of us have been there at some point. I also still have the full of every kind of junk crisps occasionally too.

But, through my trying of different things, I have come up with some of my favourite snacks here (not all are in the picture). Why not try swapping out a couple of your go-to's?

Philadelphia Light

My versatile dip that goes with SO MUCH!!!

I spread it on oat biscuits for when I'm feeling some carbs, or chop up some favourite salad or veggies (think carrots, celery or cucumber) to just dip in. Not only are you taking in less calories, but it's actually really satisfying!


Or pretty much any other fruit! We all know we should be getting in our fruit and veg, so intentionally make it a snack as part of your day. You'd be surprised how often it kicks any sugar cravings that et you reaching for chocolate 👌

Lentil, Chickpea or Pea Crisps

We always have some multi packs in! As I said, I'm a crisp fiend! But there are some amazing brands out there coming out with flavours and textures to suit almost anyone.

By going down the multi pack route, you can also have better control of your portions.

Nuts (Flavoured or Unflavoured)

Nuts are another often forgotten about food which are really beneficial to you for getting some healthy fats. I love a good mix of nut type and mix between flavoured or unflavoured. They're a handy snack, easy to get and have a fantastic shelf life.


Most of us loved it as kids, and yet, if you're like me, I didn't even think about jelly for years! But over the last couple of months it's become great for a refreshing snack! You get a hit of fruit flavouring, with a tiny amount of calories!

So, there you have some of my faves. Have you got any that are different?

Whether you're switching up for healthier options, or still having the odd bar of chocolate (I still do too), the most important thing is portion control. That's where I find multipacks and single portions so much easier.

Give some of them a go, and let me know any that you've found you love!


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