Bridport, I need you!

As most of you know, classes are starting to fill up nicely and occasionally I manage to arrange one of my lovely ladies to get some quick pictures and videos. But, I am looking to get some really good promotional materials to use for my website and pages. So my lovelies, whether you have come to a class or not, I am looking for some volunteers who wouldn't mind sparing some time (most likely on a Sunday with my current timetable) to come and learn some short sequences covering Boogie Bounce, Burlex Fitness, Dance Fit and some aerobics sequences (more on that in a moment ;), which will then be videoed and some photos taken. You would be able to glam up hair and make up if you'd like, but it would be standard gym/ fitness wear otherwise and as always, props provided.

Simply post a reply here, message me using any format or let me know at class if you would be happy to help. In return I will credit a free class for anyone who takes part.

So, I know the new Dance Fit class announcement has been very well received and I'm looking forward to launching this hopefully at the end of March. The next new class which will be coming soon will be....

That's right! Get your spandex out (completely optional) because I'll be introducing Amazon Cardio! This class will be a combination of Aerobics and later adding step workouts for even more variety! This class will not be launching before April as my effort will be going into building up DanceFit, but my aim is to bring as much variety as possible to community fitness. For now, please again leave me a message, post or comment if you'd like to be updated on the launches of both these new classes.

The very first Member of the Month will be announced on the 20th March, and every month I will contact the lucky lady a few days before for a picture of your choosing to go out on a lovely post and a comment or two from her. It could be you so get practicing those selfies! Don't forget, you also get a nice little certificate and a week of free classes.

The First Week Taster pass has now gone live too! Sorry guys, I meant to have this ready last week. So if you know anyone who isn't sure what to try, they can try all the classes available for just £5 for the first week.

That's all for now folks, oh!!! Other than the couple of new improvements I totally forgot.

Thank you Paula for my microphone, I'm just waiting on the adapter to arrive so it is long enough and then I'll be able to not have to shout quite so much! And second, I have ordered some funky disco lighting to give an even better atmosphere during classes. If any of you may be affected by the lights, please do let me know.

Thank you, much love, and see a lot of you later :) x

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