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We'll be back soon!

But for now, there's even more coming!

Well, it has been a long few months of waiting, watching every update, trying to plan for what may come next. But, we are finally getting close to being able to return to classes! So, for us all to be as prepared as possible I've got some important updates about HOW we return, and will also need your feedback on the survey I'll be attaching below as this will help me plan which classes will be on first.  First the really important bits - Health and Safety. Following the government guidelines, classes will be capped at 12 participants.  A new PAR-Q will be sent to everyone who books a class (the first time only) to include Covid-19 relevant questions and aid in Track & Trace. You must not attend a class if you have ANY of the symptoms of Covid-19. You must wash your hands immediately before and after attending classes, and if possible, keep a hand sanitiser with you. A hand sanitiser will be available at every class in case you do not have one.  Equipment cleaning procedures have been improved and will be carried out before and after every class. Please be aware that you must clear the workout area for cleaning to take place.  Classes will be capped at 45 minutes maximum to allow for cleaning procedures.  Please be mindful when moving around the room to remain socially distanced from anyone not in your household.  A one way system may be implemented with the venue's approval to enable easier entrance and exit of the building. You must inform me immediately if you develop symptoms of Covid-19 and have been to classes.  What do you plan to return to? Please complete the following survey.  It is possible we will return on a reduced timetable if there are not enough numbers.  Please note that DanceFit and all other new classes planned for 2020 will not be added to the timetable.  Access the survey HERE Please be aware that the timetable may change at any point, however notice will be given in the event of this happening.  If you plan to come to Burlex Fitness classes, you may wish to consider purchasing your own props. You are however welcome to use my class stock which, although cleaned and disinfected regularly, will not be guaranteed to be the same items given to you each week.  Other important things to note! I will not be offering pay-as-you-go classes for ANY indoor classes, you can however do this for the outdoor classes.  To enable better facility for Track & Trace, and to offer more protection for members, indoor classes will be membership only. These will run on a direct debit but can be cancelled at any time. I am currently updating the memberships to cover all classes including online.  Prices will be as follows: Online Only - £15pcm Bronze - Up to 5 classes per month £25pcm Bronze 2 - Up to 5 classes per month plus online £30pcm Silver - Up to 10 classes per month £40pcm Silver 2 - Up to 10 classes per month plus online £45pcm Gold - Unlimited classes per month plus online £55pcm All classes must be booked even on a direct debit.  Please contact me if you would like to change your current membership. 

GroovX is coming!!!

Following on from yesterday's announcement, here is some more exciting information about GroovX!! As I mentioned, GroovX will be accessible through your online subscription, while Tuesday's outdoor classes will become Blast and Dance.  Here's what you'll be able to access over the coming weeks 🤩 GroovX Dance mixes aerobics with dance to create a fun and dynamic workout that can be used to improve cardiovascular health and increase strength and endurance. GroovX Stix is the ultimate way to hit and smash your way to a better you. Using drumsticks to bash out rhythms and beats with explosive dance moves. GroovX Sculpt is a full-body workout using light weights to create resistance while performing movements to help strengthen and tone. GroovX Flow is a slow, movement-based workout that incorporates contemporary functional movements focusing on mobility, strength and balance.  Set to relaxing music, this low-intensity workout will get you in the flow! GroovX Gold is designed for the active older adult or anyone who would like a gentler pace workout. Using low-intensity moves, GroovX gold will get you moving and grooving! GroovX Latin is a Latin inspired dance fitness class that will have you moving to upbeat rhythms and dancing your cares away.  This class is suitable for all abilities (low and high impact options are given). GroovX Box combines boxing moves with dance to give you a dynamic and effective workout that is enjoyable and fun. Release your tension and take your stress away with punching, kicking and moving all to a steady beat. GroovX Blast is a HIIT style workout aimed at all levels as separate low-intensity and high-intensity workouts are provided. As you can see, there will be SO MUCH CHOICE!!!! Burlex will also remain available for online subscribers, and with a range of classes already available, what are you waiting for? Get signed up for your free 7 day trial HERE

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